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About Paul

Paul Joyce is an avid composer and multi-instrumentalist who has written and recorded original soundtracks for movies, theater, and commercial recordings for the past decade. Beyond his contributions to multiple short films and independent projects, he has fully composed, recorded, and edited music for the full length feature films Isle of the Damned and 7th Day. In addition to providing the bulk of the soundtrack, he has supervised the music production and editing for several other films, including most recently, PigPen, released by Dire Wit Films. Paul's music has also been featured in several movies including the Troma and Astron-6 collaboration Father's Day at the 2011 Toronto After Dark, The Editor at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival and Driven To Succeed, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Paul has most recently completed an original film score for Fred Vogel's The Final Interview, a new feature length movie to be released in 2017.

Paul has also composed and recorded music for a diverse array of companies including the National Aquarium in Baltimore, the Merriweather Post Pavilion, Animal Planet and Constellation Energy. He has also contributed close to 100 tracks of original compositions to Clean Cuts, a creative agency that provides music for commercial purposes.

Paul Joyce has been playing music since he was a teenager with a mullet. He has written for, recorded, and played live music in diverse musical projects including funk, rock, jazz, and hardcore punk bands for the past 20 years. Through his active participation in the New York and Baltimore music scenes he has forged working relationships with professional and classically trained musicians who contribute to his work. As a result, he has the ability to realize his musical ideas employing unique instrumentation. His DIY aesthetic employs both analog and digital technology to create what is most appropriate for the project at hand. He has expertise and experience making music from original ideas to editing pieces for specific scenes for a movie. A quick look at his portfolio will demonstrate his ability to create pieces evoking old school aesthetics (70ís and 80ís horror and suspense) to innovative scores and ambient background sound.


Editor Montage
Paul Joyce - "The Editor"
Entering the Chamber
Paul Joyce - "Pig Pen"
The Kid is All Fight
Paul Joyce - "Pig Pen"
Paul Joyce - "Pig Pen"
Zach Donaldson
Paul Joyce - "Pig Pen"
Breaking Santa Theme
Paul Joyce - "Breaking Santa
The Trail
Paul Joyce - "Father's Day"
To Hunt the Hunter
Paul Joyce - "Father's Day"
Paul Joyce - "7th Day"
Paul Joyce - "7th Day"
Paul Joyce - "7th Day"
Robots R Us
Paul Joyce - Clean Cuts Library
Blue Ribbon
Paul Joyce - Clean Cuts Library
Dancing at the Drive Thru
Paul Joyce - Clean Cuts Library
All Music: Copyright Paul Joyce


  • Astron-6 Films
  • Dire Wit Films
  • Troma Films
  • Exterminating Angel Films
  • Strictly Platonic Films
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • National Aquarium in Baltimore
  • Merriweather Post Pavilion
  • Clean Cuts
  • JP Joyce Plumbing & Heating
  • Animal Planet
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • Vito Plumbing
  • Alien Arena
  • Pure Bang
  • Toe Tag Pictures
  • Mitternachts film
  • Coffin Cuties
  • Constellation Energy
  • Smart Click Energy
  • Tsunami Productions

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